Gray Cats Available for Adoption

Meet Galaxy and Astro, sister and brother, 4 years young.

Meet Galaxy and Astro, sister and brother, 4 years young. Their owner is moving and can't take along his beloved cats. This is what the owner had to say about them: "Neither of them has ever bitten or scratched me in anger. They are very good cats and enjoy each others' company. If they need to be separated, so be it. Galaxy (the female) can be a little less socialized. She doesnt typically want to be held, but she will sit close to you and expect to be petted. Astro will jump into your lap and flop down. You can pet him in any manner and he will love it. Neither of the cats are aggressive and would be good with kids ... They are quite interactive and I would like to see them adopted together, but that is not something one can control. Seems that dogs don't spook them. They are very tolerant cats." If you like to adopt these two beauties, contact Barry at 862-221-2205.


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