Verona, Cedar Grove Board of Ed Incumbents Re-elected

Incumbents John Quattrocchi and Joseph T. Bellino re-elected to the Verona Board of Education, while incumbents Frank G. Mandala Jr. and Laura Marinelli were re-elected in Cedar Grove.

Incumbent board of education candidates in both Verona and Cedar Grove were re-elected after uncontested elections in both towns.

Incumbents John Quattrocchi and Joseph T. Bellino will retain their seats on the Verona Board of Education, while incumbents Frank G. Mandala Jr. and Laura Marinelli were re-elected in Cedar Grove.

Quattrocchi received 2,896 votes while Bellino received 2,673 in Verona.

In Cedar Grove Mandala received 2,251 votes while Marinelli received 2,296.

“There are still unfinished items I wish to accomplish, one being facility upgrades,” Mandala, the Cedar Grove board president said.

Chief among the issues he will pursue in his new term are facility upgrades including a new football field and track at Cedar Grove High School.

“We have established a successful trajectory of improvement in our schools, and I believe there is much more to gain going forward,” Quattrocchi said.

The Verona Board of Education president said his goals for his next term include continuing focus on curriculum improvement plan and action items, see through the new five-year strategic plan, resolve how they will fund their long-term facilities improvement needs and resolve the teachers contract in a sensible, sustainable way, he said.

Both districts voted earlier this year to move school board elections to the November general election, a change made possible by a new state law.

There was no vote on school budgets since the new law allows districts to approve a budget without a voter referendum so long as the budget satisfies a mandated 2% cap to the tax levy.

Verona Board of Election Results

Candidate Votes                     John Quattrocchi                   
     2,896 Joseph T. Bellino      2,673

Cedar Grove Board of Election Results

Candidate                              Votes                     Frank Mandala     2,251 Laura Marinelli     2,296

Verona Full-Day Kindergarten

Yes 2,599 No 2,768


Amanda November 07, 2012 at 01:03 PM
I cannot believe full day kindergarten was not passed - and no, I do not have small children.
David November 07, 2012 at 03:51 PM
I do have small children and I was hoping it would pass. I get that adding this might have imposed on the school budget a little bit. I wish somehow we could find a solution so that it wouldn't. It would have me very proud to say that my children have gone to school in Verona from Kindergarten all the way through High School. It is already a great town to live in, this would have just made it the greatest.


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