Students Celebrate Socktoberfest

Middle schoolers learn math, science and more through socks.

Sixth graders at Grover Cleveland Middle School, Caldwell, celebrated a little-known holiday on Oct. 5—Socktoberfest. Celebrated the first Friday of October, students in Mike Teshkoyan’s and Christine Forte’s classrooms experienced play writing, problem solving and more through the use of ordinary socks. 

The project emphasizes how each of the subjects taught to the students actually come together in the real world. Combining content from four curriculum areas, the teachers create an interactive lesson that brings together math, science, language arts, team building and more.

“The activity was a great idea and engaged the students in creative writing, public speaking and presentation skills, as well as teaching them how to create a project following certain parameters,” said Principal James Brown. “It was great to see the students and parents enjoying themselves with the activity.”

The students work in groups to write and perform sock puppet plays, completed three labs test the insulating quality of wet socks versus dry socks, generated static electricity by running their feet over a small rug, and attempted to collect and grow a bacteria sample from their own feet. The students also had a sock fashion show, and capped off the day by tie-dying the socks. 

“It is truly a great experience for the students,” said Forte. 

This article was provided by Caldwell-West Caldwell Schools.


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