Schools Compete in Library Card Challenge

Caldwell and West Caldwell public libraries encourage students to sign up for their own cards.

Caldwell-West Caldwell elementary schools are competing to see which school can hold the largest percentage of students with library cards by the end of the month.

The winning school will be awarded with a special assembly presented by a favorite performer and paid for by the Caldwell and West Caldwell public libraries.

The challenge is a way of encouraging the young readers to take advantage of their hometown libraries’ many resources.

Students were reminded that library cards give them access to a wide selection of books, including mysteries, humorous stories, fantasy and non-fiction books on everything from sports and science to drawing and hobbies. But libraries are about much more than books, they were told. Movies, music, magazines and more are at their fingertips when they hold a library card.

Local elementary school students have until the end of the month to complete a form available through their schools to sign up for their own personal library cards (family cards will not count toward the challenge). Children who already hold cards are asked to also return the form so that they too can be counted. 

Will the top school be Jefferson, Lincoln, Washington or Wilson? Patch will report back once the winner is announced!


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