Magician Teaches Stranger Danger to Students

Jefferson Elementary School students learn that strangers look like everyday people.

John Carlson, who uses magic and ventriloquist acts to teach children about the danger of strangers, visited Jefferson Elementary School in West Caldwell earlier this month.

The assembly on Stranger Danger & Safety is designed to be entertaining as well as educational.

Carlson explained that strangers can look like everyday people, but are defined as “someone that you don’t know.” 

He told the students that if they were ever confronted by a stranger, to run and tell their parents or school staff. He also informed students to beware of strangers who tell them to get into their cars.

In the case of getting lost in a store, Carlson told students it's important not to leave the store, but to go to the cash register to tell someone so that their parents can be located.

The assembly also reviewed when to call 9-1-1. 

Carlson reminded the children that this number is to be used for emergency purposes only. He explained examples of when it might be appropriate to call 9-1-1, such as in the case of a robbery, home fire, medical emergency, etc.

Several students were invited to participate in the assembly.

John Carlson November 22, 2012 at 04:11 PM
The website is www.johnsmagic.com


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