Jefferson Students Learn to Stand Up to Bullying

Caldwell school hosts David Jack and the anti-bullying assembly “Stand Up—And Step In.”

In an effort to bring to light the problem facing millions of elementary school kids nationwide, Jefferson Elementary School in Caldwell hosted David Jack and the anti-bullying assembly “Stand Up—And Step In.” 

Utilizing massive amounts of audience participation, Jack took Jefferson kids through a multi-media show, which included music, movement, virtual characters, dance, interactive game shows and a generous helping of fun. 

“The show used humor and participation to teach our students how to identify the players in a bullying episode and more importantly, how they should deal with it,” stated Jefferson School Principal Tim Ayers in a release. “They learned how to recognize situations where bullying will likely occur and how to best avoid those situations.”

Stand Up, Step In, Speak Out, You Win is specifically designed for elementary school assemblies and is appropriate for grades kindergarten through sixth.  Performer David Jack explained, “This performance was presented in an entertaining and memorable manner that ensures that students retain the information and are able to use it in the real world. One of the biggest goals is to achieve better peer relations at school and to open a new standard of communication between students, parents, faculty and administration.”

Additionally, to support National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, Jefferson students wore bracelets from the Stomp Out Bullying National Anti-Bullying and Cyber-bullying program. The organization asks kids and teens to make a commitment to reshaping attitudes, changing behaviors and ending bullying.

Shaira Leah Gomez October 26, 2012 at 09:21 AM
It is good to know that a lot of student are now comping up to stand against bullying this would give parents as well as students knowledge about bullying signs. As a parent, I have been aware of these bullying issues in schools around the state and I don't want my kids to be victims of such or worse potential bullies. So I worry about their safety every now and then. Thanks to my friend who introduce me this mobile-based application. This application is a silent alarm called the "panic button" that alerts a monitoring center so police will be dispatched to the exact location immediately. The selected family and trusted friends is automatically alerted via text, e-mail and phone call. Very amazing application. Check this out: https://safekidzone.com/


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