Grover Cleveland Middle School Kicks Off Community-Building Project

Student body broken into "Houses" based on pillars of character.

The entire student body at Grover Cleveland Middle School participated in Sorting Day last month. The event kicked off the school's new community-building project, designed to create positive interactions between students and build school spirit and pride.

The brainchild of teachers Adriana Halkias, Melissa Silverthorne, and Jeff Bishop, Sorting Day assigned students to specific “Houses” based on the pillars of character: endurance, courage, respect, knowledge, leadership, responsibility, integrity and citizenship. Students will remain in their “houses” throughout their middle school years.

“I was looking for something that would allow students across grade levels to interact with one another while building on team building and community,” said Grover Cleveland Middle School Principal James Brown. “This was the perfect fit.”

Throughout the year, students will participate in activities that can earn points or “bricks” for their house. The initial activities held on Sorting Day focused on individual and team challenges (mental and athletic), including puzzle making, relay races, and developing a house motto and chant. Future events will include fundraising efforts for charity, and other spirit and community-building endeavors.

Sorting Day concluded with all students reporting to the gym, demonstrating the song or chant their house created, and culminating in a tug-a-war tournament between the houses.

WC December 10, 2012 at 08:33 PM
Excellent news. Would love to hear some more "good news" or just what is going on in the other schools as well. I have one in middle school and another at Washington and what a difference in the communications coming home from the administration.


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