Grover Cleveland Middle School Announces March Students of the Month

Sixth-grader Julia Lees, seventh-grader Alondra Homan and eighth-grader Jordan Whiting recognized for their hard work.

Academic success, positive and friendly attitude, creative thinker, well-behaved—these are just a few of the traits needed to be nominated as a student of the month at Grover Cleveland Middle School in Caldwell.

The March students of the month are sixth grader Julia Lees, seventh grader Alondra Homan and eighth grader Jordan Whiting.

“Julia is as genuine as she is hard working - the ideal student!” said one sixth grade teacher. “Julia can always be counted on to take her responsibilities seriously. Schoolwork and school performance is number one for her and this is evident in how much pride she takes in her work and her participation in class.”

 “Alondra not only excels in her academics, she also demonstrates a positive attitude and is sincere in her actions,” said seventh grade teacher Donna Capriglione. “Alondra is a respected leader among her peers.”

“Alondra is a very caring student. She is a confident young person, who goes out of her way to help others, especially if she knows that one of her classmates is struggling," added teacher Jane Kinkle.  My colleagues and I watch in amazement as Alondra reviews material, offers advice and sometimes spontaneously tutors her peers during labs and class activities.”

“Jordan is a very thoughtful and intelligent student. He draws on a wealth of prior knowledge and past experiences when participating in class,” said eighth grade teacher Trevor McLaughlin. “This is particularly important in Social Studies, since we often learn about people, places, and cultures with which most of the class is unfamiliar. It is such an advantage for me to hear a personal connection from Jordan—whether it is knowing about crossing the Great Wall of China or trading gold in Timbuktu—so that other students can better visualize and understand the subject matter. To top it all off, Jordan is an extremely kind and respectful person—qualities alone that make him deserving of the student of the month designation."

For more information on Grover Cleveland Middle School, visit www.cwcboe.org/gcms.


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