West Caldwell Seeks Volunteers for Pool Citizens Group

Township is creating committee to advise on future of two pools.

The Township of West Caldwell seeks residents interested in participating in a Citizens Group which will advise on the future of the township's two pools. 

Councilman Joe Cecere said at Tuesday night's council meeting that five residents are needed to volunteer on the committee. The group will meet regularly over the next few years to help inform decisions and plan how to best utilize Westville and Cedar Street pools. 

Anyone interested in participating on the committee, should contact town hall at 973-226-2300.

The township's governing body has been discussing for some time how to make the most of the two pools and their properties.

Membership to West Caldwell pools is open to town residents as well as residents of Caldwell and Roseland.

Michael January 17, 2013 at 01:48 PM
what do we need a Citizens Group for?? Close the 1 pool and make a rec. center for the recreation department and kids. God knows the kids could use a place to go. Don't bother with this half baked idea of making it a community center, that would be a stupid money pit like the one in Caldwell. Put batting cages, games, crafts, snack bar etc. the recreation dept. can't even figure out what field to play on at any given week, we really need an upgrade so fathers , mothers and coaches would be more willing to get involved I don't mind paying a little more in taxes for the kids, I also believe they could find places where the money is just being pissed away to offset some of the costs.
MC January 17, 2013 at 03:40 PM
You are right. I was a member of the Community Center for the last few years choosing this year not to rejoin. Whenever my family wanted to use what we paid for we were told an excuse. Summer Camp pool closed, birthday parties pool closed it got to where I called before going.
JB January 22, 2013 at 10:38 PM
From what I know of the pools, Westville hasn't been updated since the '70s. Instead of demolishing one pool, just give both of them an upgrade. Build new bathrooms at Westville (they are so gross now), a new snack bar, re-pave the parking lot, and redo the picnic area so people don't have to walk on pine needles and pine cones to and from the pool. And maybe give the badge ladies a new table to sit at. At Cedar Street, pave the parking lot and update the snack bar area. You could still put in a sports area. There is plenty of land. Same with Westville. Update the tether ball and volley ball area. Both pools need to be acid washed to get rid of the curse words carved into the sides. And the grills need to be replaced.


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