Baseball Dad: Will I Be Arrested if I Watch My Son Play?

Scott Dean, banned from PTWLL, begs Town Council for its help in resolving the situation.

The Parsippany Town Council last week advised a local man that the   has the right to .

That view was backed by Mayor James Barberio.

For Scott Dean, the father not allowed to watch his young son play baseball, that answer was not sufficient. He appeared again before the council at its Tuesday night meeting at  to plead his case in hopes that the body would change its mind and issue a directive forcing the league to allow him access to see his child in action.

Dean referred to portions of the township's lease with PTWLL.

"There is nothing specific that empowers them to not allow me to watch my son play baseball on town-owned public property," he said. "In fact, the lease states the Par-Troy West Little League shall comply with all directives, laws and ordinances set forth by this municipality."

Last week, the council and the mayor said authority rested with the national Little League organization.

"Little League International says that this is absolutely a local issue, so with your comments last week and their comments, nobody controls Par-Troy West Little League," Dean stated. "They have the power to make decisions with or without cause, with no accountability to anybody, [while] using property of the town.

"That being the case, will the council and you, Mr. Mayor, be directing the to have me removed if I do happen to go down to watch my son play on the public property?"

Township Attorney John Inglesino told Dean that the matter was not an appropriate one for the governing body.

"It's an issue between you and Par-Troy Little League West," he said. "It's not an issue for the Township Council because it is not a township league. ... Your issue does not relate to the township property. It relates to the way in which the league is treating you."

The attorney added that there is no mechanism for the Town Council to inject itself into the dispute between Dean and the PTWLL, even if the members wanted to do so.

"I'm actually begging, pleading with the council, as well as to [Council President Brian] Stanton, who reached out to me, to help me get a resolution to this," Dean said.

Councilman Paul Carifi Jr. asked if the police would arrest Dean.

"If Mr. Dean went to a game and stood in a corner, is the league going to call the police and have them remove him or arrest him?" he asked.

"If there is any incident that would warrant police intervention, it would not be out of the realm of possibility for the police to be called," the attorney replied.

Carifi continued.

"But what if Dean was just standing there, silently watching the game? I mean, I have young kids. I cannnot imagine not being able to watch my kids play," he said. "If he's there and not causing a problem whatsoever, they still have the right to [have him arrested]?"

"The league has the right to enforce its rights under the lease," Inglesino explained. "The property itself is being leased out to [the league]. They control the property, they control who's permitted on it. The lease ceded that right to them."

Joey B May 21, 2012 at 10:28 PM
Enough is enough. Look how much time and energy the league is wasting on this issue. Regardless of what Scott Dean did (if anything) a seven year, "you may never watch your kid play little league again" sentence is a bit harsh. A convicted sex offender is allowed on the complex grounds but a dad who has bad blood between himself and the league is forbidden. Maybe PTLLW should spend more time cleaning up the fields (excluding park road) cleaning up the complex and stop making kids begs for money doing a can shake.
Scott Dean May 22, 2012 at 03:24 PM
Steve, I asked you some very relavent questions regarding what and how this all started,have you inquired about that at all l. You have asked me questions and I have answered them.Are you curious at all,The board as a whole has a responsability to make informed decisions on everything.They run the league together their job should be to make decisions on facts not what someone tells them to do. Please focus on facts. you cant always believe everything you hear. Scott
steve revette May 24, 2012 at 02:04 AM
Hi Scott, Nobody is in anybody's pocket. Like every organization I'm sure everybody has certain responsibilities. Not everybody deals with every thing. Like the safety officer will not deal directly with the umpires that is Mike Jr's job. This is all I'm saying on this matter. Par Troy west has issued their statement I' don't need to defend them anymore.
Scott Dean May 24, 2012 at 12:41 PM
Steve, Thanks for responding, I just hope reasonable minds will prevail here. If the entire board was a)accused of anything inproper or b)threatened in anyway as Mr.Justino claims. Wouldnt they all be involved with clearing this matter up for the reputation of the league if anything? My belief is that people on the board including many parents of the league dare not question things for fear of the Wrath that can obviously come. Please ask your family and any boardmember for this final resolution 1 meeting All members and 1 solution= my dream of fields
Morgan1 May 24, 2012 at 01:13 PM
A Parent... I'm a PTWLL coach and I agree with you that the fields are in bad shape, but have YOU ever volunteered to fix them. The food stand IS sad, but again, what have YOU done about it. You don't like who's on the board? Have YOU ever tried to get on it? The softball director has no kids in the league, who cares... at least he volunteers his time. DO YOU!?!?!??!


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