Peter Murray, Incumbent Republican for Caldwell Council

Caldwell Councilman Murray seeks a second term on the borough council.

General Information

Name : Mr. Peter William Murray
Also known as : Pete
Date of birth : 23 September 1967
Place of residence : 61 Arlington Ave., Caldwell, NJ



Attended college : Yes
College : Rutgers University
Degree : BS Business/Economics
Year of graduation : 1989

Employment Information

Job titles held : Vice President Sales and Marketing, Regional Director Sales
Employers : PAETEC Energy, Windstream

Political Information

Party affiliation : Republican
Running for a: Local office
Running for position: Council
Chamber/district: District 1 in Caldwell
Incumbent: Yes
First elected: 01 January 2010
Previous elective offices : none
Unsuccessful bids for elective offices : none

Party HQ

Address 1 Arlington Court
Caldwell, N.J. 07006

Campaign Manager

Name : Joseph Defuria
Title: Caldwell Republican Committee Chairman


Website : www.murrayandhauser.com (coming soon)

Other facts

Chairman Public Safety 2010—Present  


  • Lead negotiator for new PBA contract
  • Lead negotiator for shared dispatch services with West Caldwell
  • Hired new police chief 2011
  • Oversaw promotions and hiring of 3 new police officers in 2011
  • Implemented E-Ticket
  • Introduced steps to develop an Auxiliary Police division
  • Initiated purchase of video surveillance system for oval and community center
  • Started review of new motorcycle division for traffic enforcement and vehicle fleet efficiency
  • Revamped crossing guard division
  • Reviewed and implemented town wide signage program to meet federal regulations  


  • Overhauled the air breathing system including upgrading compressor and air tanks
  • Introduced a health and heart attack prevention program including purchase of a defibrillator
  • Led purchase of new incident command vehicle
  • Increased fire scene safety with the purchase of a FF tracking program      
  • Co-writer of AFG grant submission
  • Solved need for better backup generator system by redesigning and purchasing new equipment  

Chairman Recreation 2011—Present

  • Lead negotiator for 10-year joint recreation agreement with West Caldwell 
  • Co-negotiator with Caldwell College for 10-year baseball field agreement  
  • Boys/Girls Recreation and Athletic Club coach for baseball, football, soccer, basketball, softball  

Co-Chairman Finance 2011

  • Part of team that presented and adopted a 0% tax increase in 2011 while increasing surplus
  • Received better bond rating based on implementing new policies and better financial infrastructure
  • Reduced energy costs by signing agreement with 3rd party electric supplier  
  • Co-Chairman Caldwell Community Center 2011
  • Part of team that spearheaded and designed renovations to improve the facility
  • Introduced idea for monthly payment plan for members            

Council Highlights During First Term

  • Hired via interview process new Business Administrator, Town Attorney, Borough Engineer, Prosecutor, Judge, Public Defender, CFO, new auditing firm
  • Police department enforcement and revenue increased 180% in 2012 over 2011
  • Instituted personnel evaluation policy for all department heads
  • Built new turf field and sports complex
  • Created new purchasing and requisition policies for better oversight    
  • Performed fixed asset audit which had never been done in prior administrations
  • Created a general ledger which had not been done in prior administrations
  • Voted Council President 2011  

Board Memberships  

  • Member of Rent Control Board 2010—Present

Changed portion of rent ordinance to clarify and expedite application process

  • Member of Board of Health 2010—2011  
  • Member of the Planning Board 2010  
  • Library Board member 2009


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