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Patch Wants Your Questions for Town Council Candidates

2011 Municipal Election on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Residents of the Caldwells will vote for council candidates in the upcoming Municipal Elections on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011.

What would you ask the candidates if given the chance?

Caldwells Patch will pose your questions to the candidates and publish a Q&A in a future article. Send questions to caldwells@patch.com. Patch will only publish your first name, last initial, and town.

Here's a summary of who's running:

The only contested Municipal election is taking place in Caldwell, where incumbents and Douglas Piazza, both Republicans, will face and Frank Rodgers, both Democrats. The four candidates will vie for two open three-year terms on the Caldwell Council.

In West Caldwell, Council President and Councilman both seek re-election to three-year terms. The incumbent Republican candidates will run unopposed.

In North Caldwell, council members John Chiaia and Cynthia Santomauro, both Republicans, seek relection two three-year terms. They, too, are running unopposed.

sue smith October 10, 2011 at 05:04 PM
what are we still going to do about the speed on our streets. They are used as a cut through and the limit is suppose to be 25. I never ever see a ticket given. Are our taxes that high that we dont' need the money from tickets. Why do I always here you can speed through caldwell with no tickets but you must slow down in the other towns.
Christine October 11, 2011 at 01:36 AM
Squeaky wheel gets the grease! I tried but more people need to get on the band wagon. Years ago I contacted Mayor Jemas' office about the lack of speed limit signs on my street. The Chief of police, at that time, contacted me to tell me Caldwell was lacking a number of signs throughout the town and speed limit signs would be included. Well, nothing happened. I wrote a letter to Mayor Gartland and did not receive a response. After waiting a few months I called her office, was asked to resend the letter and then told it would be read at the next town council meeting. A few days later a speed limit sign went up in front of my house. (I complained, so I got the sign.) Was this the best location for the sign? What about the other side of the street? Frustrating...
Beatrice October 11, 2011 at 10:15 PM
@ Mr. Norton and Mr. Piazza: What changes have been executed to slow down speeders on our streets in past 2 years? What is the plan going forward? @Mr. Rodgers and Mr. Kelley: What is your plan to slow down speeders if elected?
Joseph Norton October 13, 2011 at 04:58 PM
Beatrice…we have made many strides in the area of public safety. I was able to initiate the 25mph Boro-wide program before elected and once elected I was able to continue this task. I worked with the County on Bloomfield Ave/Roseland intersection and the traffic calming islands on Bloomfield Ave. We took a 2 pronged approach to this issue on our side streets (1) We implemented traffic calming processes on Brookside Ave (with a series of 3 stop signs) by the Park, a 4way stop for the safety of kids at Lincoln School at Crane St. and reckless drivers on Hatfield with a 4way stop at Arlington Ave. (2) Enforcement has been stepped up and the CPD has the newest form of e-ticketing machine that allow them to efficiently issue summons on the road. If re-elected I have a comprehensive plan for Ravine Ave that will encompass the entire road within Caldwell with a series of traffic calming islands (delineated/raised) and a plan to work with the County for traffic calming on Westville Ave. as well. I hope to have shown you the commitment to the residents of Caldwell that would warrant 3 more years on the Council. If you want to discuss this further you can e-mail me directly at jnorton@caldwell-nj.com …JoeNorton
Joseph Norton October 13, 2011 at 06:15 PM
Sue, Ticket issuance in Caldwell by the CPD is at a high. We have already supassed the number of tickets and revenues from 2010. We have made great strides in public sfaety and will continue this for years to come. If folks are driving through Caldwell they should know that 25 means .........25MPH. We also have more DMV stops than ever beofre on Bloomfierld Ave.(next to Luce') Our Police department can't be everywhere but they are doing a great job as keeping us safe. We have over 30,000 cars per day on Bloomfield Ave alone. I am proud of the job the the CPD is doing. Can we always do better....sure. Our officers are out there everyday making sure that the Boro is safe for the residents and for that I say ......THANK YOU.
John Kelley October 14, 2011 at 12:33 AM
The two streets mentioned Westville and Ravine are "shared" with West Caldwell. Use this opportunity to "work with" West Caldwell instead of "working against". Enforcement of the speed limits should be carried out with the new e-ticketing system in conjunction with West Caldwell on a joint task force. Share the enforcement times and the revenues generated. Revenue generated will cover the cost of enforcement. Make these two streets a prime example of how our shared services can work and should work. This would require the council of Caldwell to agree with West Caldwell on similar goals. Work with the residents of these streets who would be directly affected by any arrogant traffic calming measures which would/could impact property values on these streets. Not sure islands and speed bumps are what Caldwell wants. I would not want to change the character and makeup of our community while on a campaign to install stop signs at every intersection. And if our neighboring town of West Caldwell presented a study which met those standards, I would certainly work with them to install a four way stop on a street such as Ravine instead of refusing to participate. Please contact Frank or John at KelleyRodgers2011@gmail.com with comments.


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