Get Ready to Work Out!

Caldwell Community Center Completes Fitness Studio in Record Time

With windows stretching to the ceiling providing natural light, clean lines and an exercise floor that goes easy on the knees, the new fitness room at the is ready for members to bring it on.

Completed in just two weeks, the new fitness studio combined the space that had been used as rooms for babysitting and a meeting room into the new studio on the first floor of the Center.

A portion of the new studio overlooks the pool on one side with windows looking out at theon two other walls.

"We never had a place where we could offer real aerobics classes, and now we do," commented Caldwell Community Center Rob Patterson.  He added, "Members are happy."

Patterson explained previously fitness classes were either held in the gym or in a smaller, enclosed studio on the lower floor.  "The gym was never the right venue.  We did not have the proper sound system," he said.

Fitness Director Joanne VanDien added the new spun wood floor will be easier on everyone's knees when exercising.  VanDien added "We have had several Community Center Directors, and no one saw how we could better utilize this space.  This was Rob's vision."

In addition to exercise classes, the new room will be used for children's karate classes and meetings.

As for the studio on the lower level, this will eventually become a weight room where members can work out individually on the gym equipment.

As outlined in a Caldwell Council meeting in April, many are planned for the Community Center.




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