Council Candidate to Reveal New Running Mate

Caldwell's Edward Durkin says he will announce candidate's name in coming weeks.

Caldwell Democratic council candidate Edward Durkin will have a running mate in November, but it won’t be Stephen Modica.

Durkin told Patch last week that while Modica stated his intentions to drop out of the race in June, he has not officially done so. He said he expects the announcement to come later this month.

Durkin said his new running mate, who he only revealed is a woman, will be announced once Modica has officially stepped down.

“I have found a very viable candidate,” Durkin said. “There is competition. The residents of Caldwell will have options. They will have an alternative.”

Both Durkin and Modica during the June Primary election to be eligible to run for council.

Modica declared shortly after the election that he he. He declined to comment for this article.

Durkin, a first-time candidate, and his running mate will challenge incumbent Republican councilmen and for two open three-year seats on the borough council.

Durkin said he looks forward to campaigning.

“It’s going to be a fantastic campaign,” he said, adding that the slogan will be, “Bringing the Community Back to Caldwell.”

Durkin said his platform will include innovative solutions for improving the downtown. He said he hopes to work with residents, merchants and to strengthen the business district.

The candidate is five classes away from finishing a master’s in business administration at Caldwell College, where he also earned his undergraduate degree.

Durkin called Caldwell College a “tremendous asset that has been neglected.”

Cj August 06, 2012 at 01:23 PM
I am getting tired of hearing about the downtown from every candidate. How about the rest of Caldwell? Does anyone notice things like Garbage that is out all days and hours.Garbage cans that sit out front of peoples houses for days. Junk that is put out other then junk week. Houses and yards that are in disrepair and need to have notices sent to them. People walking dogs off leashes and not picking up after them. The loitering that goes on early in the mornings up town everyday. If this were our kids hanging out they would be told to move. Just the other day there were guys working on cars on a side street all day. Tools and parts all over the side walk. It looked like Paterson.I was wondering why someone didnt shut that down? There is more to this town then just Bloomfield Ave. You can spend money get grants to fix up the downtown but there are other problems in this town.
CaldwellTurfGuy August 09, 2012 at 01:27 AM
"Durkin said his platform will include innovative solutions for improving the downtown" mean? What does this mean? Please let us know what became of the running mate Modica, I read months ago be was arrested. Did he withdraw ? Is he still the official candidate? This is a bit disturbing. Feels like children playing a game with no rules.


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