Caldwell Says E-Ticketing Works Just Fine

Borough sees increase in summonses issued since system installed in patrol cars—plus other Caldwell Council news.

The e-ticketing system installed over the summer in four Caldwell Police Department patrol cars is proving to be a success, according to Caldwell Council President Peter Murray.

Murray, Chair of the Public Safety Committee, said Tuesday that in the 18 months prior to the system being installed an average of 396 tickets were issued per month, compared to 591 tickets in July and 642 tickets in August.

“That was very good news for the residents of Caldwell.” said Murray, who led Tuesday's meeting with Caldwell Mayor Ann Dassing on vacation.

E-tickets are summonses which are filled out electronically by police officers and printed out from a printer located inside the patrol car. The summonses are automatically sent to the municipal court.

Other perks of the e-ticket system, according to the council, are the ability to create reports and track summonses, as well as the reduction of human error and the illimination of illegible hand-written tickets.

The Caldwell Police Department plans to install the e-ticketing system in four additional patrol cars.

Other Council Business

  • The borough is going out to BID for the repaving of Gladding Road, Oak Ridge Road and Knollwood Terrace. Residents have been complaining for years about the three roads located in the Cedars neighborhood of Caldwell, which are riddled with cracks and potholes. Gladding Road resident Glenn Robertson came before the council Tuesday night to support the consent agenda item. Robertson said although he is pleased to see taxes in the borough stabilized, he wonders at what cost the belt-tightening comes. “It’s obvious that we haven’t made certain infrastructure changes,” he said, adding, “I’m anxious to get the roads repaired even if we have to spend money to do it.”
  • The council also passed a resolution agreeing to enter a three-year lease agreement with Ford for a new patrol car. The lease is not to exceed $9,500 annually. Council President Peter Murray, Chair of the Public Safety Committee, said the borough’s fleet is showing its age. When two police cars broke down recently on the same day, both were repaired within 24 hours. Still, Murray said, “We are in desperate need of vehicles.”
  • The Caldwell Public Library is in a state of flux. Long-time Library Board Chair Bernie McGovern as well as the library’s Interim Director Janet Tornsey both resigned recently, Rich Hauser, the council’s liaison to the Library Board, reported Tuesday. Hauser said the board is looking to fill McGovern’s vacancy as well as other board vacancies. He also said the library is close to recommending a new hire for the vacant director position.
  • The borough’s purchase of a 1.9 acre wooded property in the Cedars neighborhood is expected to be completed by the end of this week. The lot at 5 Knollwood Terrace owned by James and Cindy Faloni of Essex Fells will be . Unanticipated delays involved the title search, according to Municipal Attorney Greg Mascera.
  • A Traffic Committee, including seven resident from various areas of Caldwell, has been formed, Council President Murray reported. The committee members have been asked to compile what they know to be traffic issues in their neighborhoods to present at an upcoming meeting.
  • The council authorized the appointment of Noelle Anchak as a new firefighter on the Caldwell Volunteer Fire Department.
unrealreality September 15, 2011 at 12:21 PM
Hopefully the traffic committee can analyze the new Bloomfield/Roseland light system. It's a good idea, but the timing is all off causing more traffic than before it was installed.
Beatrice September 15, 2011 at 05:15 PM
Agreed. That should be looked at. The jam up seems to be on Bloomfield Avenue eastbound between Gould and Personnette (if you have not been on the road during school/work rush hours give it a whirl). Drivers on Park Avenue turning eastbound onto Bloomfield Avenue frequently 'block the box' to get in queue during a yellow or red light. This jam causes cars to miss the light at Park heading westbound and eastbound twice. A Police Officer needs to monitor this on foot and/or video tape this which happens during rush hour to school/work, after school and evening rush hour. This is unsafe. Westville- turning onto Roseland North to turn eastbound onto Bloomfield, then trying to turn left onto Forest via the new left turn arrow is impossible. This needs to be tweaked to allow drivers to turn left. It is such a short distance, allow at least 3 cars to make turn and reasonable. Once the arrow does return the westbound vehicles that had the green light 'block the box' and the crosswalk because yellow meant 'go faster' and red meant 'don't stop'. Often the crossing guard must educate the drivers blocking the box', which is absurd.


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