Caldwell Council Says 'No' to Former Councilman

Council votes against appointing Joseph Norton to borough committee.

At last week's Caldwell Council meeting, residents John Donovan and Beverly Crifasi were appointed unanimously by council vote to the Library Board and Historic Preservation Committee, respectively. But the appointment of a former councilman to the Traffic Commitee was rejected by a vote of 2-4.  

Among those voting former Republican Councilman Joseph Norton down were Republican Councilman Thomas O'Donnell, who is chairman of the committee, and Democratic Councilman Frank Rodgers, who also serves on the committee. The other "no" votes came from council members Richard Hauser and John Coyle, both Republicans.

Democratic Councilmen John Kelley and Ed Durkin approved appointing Norton to the Traffic Committee, which works on issues such as pedestrian safety and other traffic matters in the borough.

"I viewed his addition to the traffic committee as positive," Kelley said. "He has experience already in this area when he was on the council and understands many of the issues."

Kelley further said that "as a former council member it is disrespectful to deny his participating. Those who voted him down were the ones who sang his praises when he left."

Councilman O'Donnell did not respond to emails to comment on his vote. When reached on the phone last week, Council President Hauser declined to comment on his vote.

Norton served on the council from 2009-2011, but lost an attempt at re-election for a second term.

Chris Wysocki January 23, 2013 at 04:39 PM
Absolutely disgraceful.
anthony j. popola January 23, 2013 at 05:20 PM
" two faces have i " to quote an old Lou Christie song......disgraceful. I guess the fotomat was more important....
Parking meter January 24, 2013 at 12:49 AM
The republicans in Caldwell are all individually out of control and an embarrassment. And the blame goes to the lack of leadership by our weak Mayor. Every one of them based their decisions on their own personal agenda and they all pointed the Mayor in what direction they wanted. That's why Norton and Murray were voted out and that's why Odonnell will be next. Just about every major decision the Republican council has made has been wrong for Caldwell.. You better start leading Mayor, your handing the town over to the Democrats, your not even making it hard for them.
Michael January 24, 2013 at 02:22 AM
republicans havent even had a chance to work on the disaster Jemas left, so give it more time, and anyone who drives in Caldwell can see why he is out. This nightmare has been getting worse for 15 years. The real Republicans should take a cue from Obama, "We need more time, it was all their fault" but I am very skeptical if these are real republicans in Caldwell.


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