Borough Stalls Overnight Parking Spots

Proposal to create overnight parking spots on nine borough roads proved unpopular with residents.

Residents of Caldwell opposed to creating overnight parking spots on borough streets can now sleep better. 

Borough officials have taken a proposed plan to create a limited number of overnight permits spots on nine streets off the table, according to Councilman Peter Murray, chair of the Public Safety committee.

As an alternative, police are being more stringent when accepting requests for overnight parking, Murray said.

The streets that were being considered for overnight parking spaces were: Elm Road, Academy Road, Espy Road, Washburn Place, Arlington Avenue, Prospect Street, Westover Avenue and Parkway East and Parkway West. The borough had proposed five to seven spots near apartment buildings on these blocks in order to alleviate the number of requests for overnight parking made to Caldwell police.

An ordinance in the borough prohibits more than 30 minute parking from 2 to 6 a.m. throughout the town. However, police have accepted requests made by drivers who register their location and license plate number with the agency.

According to borough officials, the courtesy has been abused in recent years with police receiving more than 10,000 requests annually for overnight parking permission.

Wakefield Place resident Carla Marris said at Tuesday night’s council meeting she was grateful that the town was getting tougher on overnight parking requests.

“You have shown that the council can work and make the residents happy and not just do what you want,” Marris said.

The overnight parking spots were proposed as part of a the town is rolling out this spring.

The borough introduced an amended traffic regulations ordinance Tuesday which would in part create a temporary overnight permit. Those wishing to park overnight in Caldwell would have to go to borough hall to purchase a permit at a cost of $5 a night.

Residents’ filled the council chambers in March , saying they could have an affect on property values and allowing them would open the door to more spots being added in the future.

The amended ordinance would also create an employee parking permit for the Smull Avenue parking lot, as well as lot-specific day and night permits for residents.

Giokas May 02, 2012 at 06:49 PM
I think the overnight spots would be a great idea. I think it's ridiculous to ask a visitor in someone's house or apartment to pay $5 to park overnight. The amount of money the town makes on the parking permits is obscene. They doubled the rate last September and did not notify anyone!!!!! You found out by going to get your new permit. For a three month pass to park day and night is $180, 4 times a year that's $720 to park one car and the town wants those that don't have driveways large enough to accommodate guests or people that live in apartments to ask our guest to pay for parking!!! It seems that it's always about money. why doesn't anyone think that this is wrong?
Smitty May 03, 2012 at 12:38 AM
I'm sorry but the overnight street parking issue is not about money, it is about quality of life in our town. I am sure that if you took a poll of all the residents, they would overwhelmingly be opposed to overnight parking. From my point of view (and I'm sure many others) why should your problem become my problem? If your house/apartment complex doesn't have a large enough driveway/parking lot to accommodate your household needs, it shouldn't become a burden on your neighbors. Exceptions for emergency or unexpected circumstances is a reasonable accommodation, but given the administrative burden of 10,000 requests a year on our police department, I think it is entirely appropriate to charge a nominal fee to cover costs (and cut down on frivolous requests).
Kris May 03, 2012 at 03:23 AM
If it's such a burden for the police department, why not develop a answering system that people can call in to leave a message saying they have an overnight guest? I love Caldwell. And I have family and loved ones that love it just as much. They visit often and shop at all the local stores. My husband, son, and I rent an apartment in a two family home. We work hard everyday in this tough economy to provide a good home for our child. Renting an apartment and allowing people to park on the street does not mean we any less important in this town. My landlords pay taxes like everyone else. And Smitty, if you have a driveway, how is parking on the street a burden on you?
Cj May 03, 2012 at 01:12 PM
Allowing the parking problem to get to the point it has will only make this town look like the cities. I certainly dont want cars up and down my street and people getting out at all hours of the night. It looks horrible also. Why should people be allowed to park in front of your house every single day and night. Caldwell you did the right thing. Thank YOU
MC May 06, 2012 at 05:32 PM
Parking should be allowed for everyone if not on street free parking lots. Us apartment dweellers pay taxes also.
Steve June 23, 2012 at 05:02 AM
From my standpoint, the new parking situation is ridiculous. It takes a very uptight person to have a problem with someone parking a vehicle, the fact that my local neighbors have such a problem with this is appalling, In my situation i have lived in a four bedroom apartment with 2 parking spots for 14 years. My family has grown and each individual has their own car. At the least there should be somewhere free, designated and known to park overnight for guests, family and relatives. I believe this new parking problem paints a very poor image for the town. Local residents who have a problem with people parking on the streets are failing to realize that with time.. strangely enough, populations will grow and there will be more American citizens expecting to be able to sleep without knowing they have to pay a fine to park their vehicles But i do sympathize for the police officers stuck working the phones being plagued with overnight parking requests. But Caldwell needs and should put someone other than our police officers to take care of this.


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