Officer Breaks Leg During Motorcycle Training

Caldwell chief has "no second thoughts" about going forward with motorcycle division.

Weeks after the borough's governing body for the Caldwell Police Department, an officer broke his leg during a required training course. 

Officer Michael Kraynanski suffered a broken leg during a drill on August 21, Caldwell Police Chief James Bongiorno confirmed Tuesday.

But the borough's police chief said he is not deterred about a move he expects will save the borough on fuel costs among other perks.

Kraynanski is scheduled to return to light duty on Monday, Sept. 10.

“It was an unfortunate accident, it happened day eight out of a 10-day [training] course,” the chief said.

In early August, the  and purchasing a motorcycle, which has been ordered.

The goal of having a motorcycle in the agency, the chief said, is to save on fuel costs and give the department greater access to areas of the borough.

Caldwell Councilman John Kelley asked the chief at Tuesday night’s council meeting if he is having second thoughts after the accident.

“Are you having any reservations?” Kelley asked.

“I don’t have any second thoughts about it,” Bongiorno replied. “I think it’s going to be successful, good for community, good for officers downstairs.”

Councilman Peter Murray, Chairman of the Public Safety Committee, agreed with Bongiorno.

The borough has and multiple parking lots, he said.

“This is the perfect vehicle to go in and take care of those areas,” Murray said. “It’s a phenomenal idea."

Officer Kraynanski is expected to be cleared for active duty on Nov. 1, according to Bongiorno. The officer plans to resume training later that month.

Bongiorno said the department’s bicycle patrol has been a success despite an officer suffering a broken ankle during training.

A concerned resident September 06, 2012 at 05:25 PM
Is this a joke? I can't believe Caldwell purchase a motorcycle. Does this motorcycle come with snow-tires? Is there a plow attached to the front so the police can drive it in snow? Is this why the town is so parking ticket happy so we the residents can pay for this purchase and now medical bills? What has happened to this town I have seen many poor decisions made in the past few years. I remember looking for homes and this was a great town things are not changing in a positive way! It's time to wake up!
Mike Bettin September 07, 2012 at 01:17 AM
Concerned "Bitter" Resident and MC.....its sad that you show no concern about the Officers condition ......instead you complain about parking violations that you violated and most likely deserved. One day you might be thankful when the same motorcycle officer comes pulling up to assist you or a family member when you need it.
MC September 08, 2012 at 03:17 PM
Mike we pay these Officers a real good salary and as citizens we have rights to voice our opinion. Some of the parking violations in this town is due to greed. This accident took more than a week to publish had he been seriously injured they would have stated it.
A concerned resident September 10, 2012 at 07:08 PM
I would be very thankful for that but I would also be thankful if we could use a little common sense. You must not be aware but Caldwell is not financial sound like many towns we are not in great shape. I do not agree with this purchase and to think that we are training one officer to ride this motorcycle the questions I have who will use it when the officer is on vacation, their regular days off and let's not forget when they get hurt? Can you please answer me this questions.. And regarding the ticket you are right I violated the parking meter by 7 minutes. I unfortunately was in a local doctors office getting results of tests I had, unfortunately I guess I had too many questions regarding the results and the meter ran out! Shame on me. I have been a resident for 26 years never received a ticket for anything because I follow the laws! My co pay for many medical test I had was $ 20.00 the 7 minute overdue meter $35.00 HOW SAD
Frank Petruzzi September 13, 2012 at 03:16 PM
My comments on the above posts.....I don't think purchasing a motorcycle was really necessary for the town...... but it is cheaper than a new car and it can go more places. As far as snow goes...come on, we're not in Vermont..there isn't that much snow here anyway. Who said only one officer was being trained? We know of the one who was injured...and maybe he shouldn't even be a motorcycle cop since he was injured in training. Concerned about his condition? He broke his leg, he'll be fine. A far as the ticketing goes, this town is parking ticket crazy. I got a ticket on Saturday morning for an expired meter. I paid for 30 minutes and I was 45....but there were parking spots all over the place. It wasn't as if my spot was needed. I've heard several stories of the meter maid checking a meter, finding three minutes or so remaining and then waiting and ticketing the car. There should be some leniency....10 minutes maybe?


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