New Cop Sworn In, Supervisors Appointed

Stephanie Corrao is the Madison Police Department's newest officer.

Madison has a new police officer, and the police department has been authorized to start interviewing candidates to hire another officer.

The governing body approved a resolution hiring Stephanie Corrao, a former Union City police officer, at its meeting on Monday, and also approved resolutions appointing two acting lieutenants and two acting sergeants.

Sgt. Joseph Cirella and Sgt. Dennis Lam were appointed acting lieutenants because they were the first and second candidates, respectively, on the existing lieutenant promotional examination list.

Detective Sean Plumstead and Patrolman Craig Perrelli were appointed acting sergeants because they were the first and second candidates, respectively, on the existing sergeant promotional examination list, the resolutions said.

The acting lieutenant and sergeant appointments were made because Acting Chief Darren Dachisen requested additional supervisory personnel to assist in the administrative operation of the Madison Police Department due to recent retirements.

The appointments come after the recent retirements of Chief John Trevena and Acting Chief Jerry Mantone, and the recent affirmation of a police contract arbitration award.

Corrao's first year is probationary and paid according to the police arbitration award a salary of $46,000, the resolution said.

Council President Jeannie Tsukamoto said the hiring brings the number of sworn officers to 26.

"This hiring is necessary for the police department’s day-to-day operations and the safety of our residents," she said. "As you probably remember, I’ve been advocating the hiring of an additional officer since earlier this year during our budget discussions. This additional officer is in our 2012 budget. I am very pleased to see that the hiring has finally become a reality after much delay. I thank the mayor, council and the administrators for their support."

Tsukamoto said the governing body looks forward to formally filling the vacancies of the chief, two lieutenants and two sergeants after it finalizes an ordinance formally outlining the process of police promotions, which is expected to be introduced at the Council's Nov. 5 meeting.

Barry Luce October 23, 2012 at 09:03 PM
Another pointless comment by Madison's worst troll. Guess it's easier to attack than defend the atrocious record of you council candidate. The Astri Baillie Record of Failure: Property Taxes Increased - 45% Electric Rates Increased - 80% Water Utility Rates Increased - 60% Debt Incurred - $30,000,000 Contaminated Properties Purchased - 2 Surplus Dollars Used to Avoid Hard Decisions - $3,400,000 Remind us why anyone thinks she's a great steward of the hard earned money we pay in property taxes.
TiredofMadisonPolitics October 24, 2012 at 03:49 PM
Glad to see that the department is going to replace some of those lost through retirement. Good Luck and safe wishes to Officer Corrao. That being said, Councilwoman Tsukamoto is quoted as if she is the only one on the Council who wanted to fill this appointment and she alone got this done. Mrs. Tsukamoto, do you ever tire of reading your quotes or hearing yourself talk?
Larry Bruce October 27, 2012 at 10:36 AM
Maybe she's not just talking for herself. Don't forget about the Truth Squad.
Barry Luce October 28, 2012 at 04:49 AM
Given that the council decided this summer to put that hiring on hold, you'd have to assume that no more than two councilpersons, including her, wanted to hire at that time. So she may have been the only one who wanted to move ahead. The Blue Line in Madison has become pretty thin of late. If there were a spate of robberies, you can be sure the same poseurs would be here whining that the "tea party" Republicans were being cheap and skimping on public safety. But for now they are complaining that people are pushing to spend money. Must be great being right no matter which way the wind blows.
Larry Bruce October 29, 2012 at 12:49 AM
Where did anybody complain about her spending $?


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