Carjack Victim Takes Control, Woman Mad at Boyfriend Loses it

Also, someone seemed to really want some cigarettes.

Each week, Patch takes a peek at some of the more surprising, shocking, stunning and occasionally silly police-related incidents reported throughout New Jersey for "OMGs from NJ PDs."

Some of this week's reports:

From Carjack Victim to Action Hero: A woman got crafty and clever when her vehicle was carjacked in South Orange, and she was forced to drive into Newark. She got a sheriff’s officer’s attention—by , according to police. Following the crash, the carjacker ran off, but a suspect was caught a few hours later, police said.

Here's Hoping the Next 7 Go Better: Andy Warhol said everyone gets 15 minutes of fame—but unfortunately for one Westville woman, the first eight haven't been so great. The woman's been identified as the aggressor in a video that went viral on the YouTube channel "Train Fights."

, she's is shown slapping, punching and kicking her boyfriend, before eventually getting arrested and cuffed by police outside the train. "You are the reason why every guy on earth is a scumbag," she tells her boyfriend. Ouch.

Flower Power: The thieves who hit 11 unlocked cars in Montville one night didn't mind taking GPSes, iPhones, cash and so forth. But they drew the line at one owner's flower bag.

Comfortable Criminals: Two stores in South Orange told police they were . One member of the group distracted store employees while others slipped goods under their loose-fitting garments, police said. Officials are keeping an eye out for ancient Romans and Jedi soldiers who use too much bleach in the wash.

Nicotine Isn't A Gateway Drug ... It's a Bay Door Drug: Someone needed a fix. A Bloomfield man reported someone used a car to rip the bay doors off of his residence and steal five boxes of cigarettes (we're not quite sure on the mechanics of this). Each box contained 18 cartons of Newport and Marlboro Light cigarettes. Police are searching the neighborhood for .


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