Caldwell Police Recommend One Way on Elm Road [Poll]

Suggest creating "walking lane" on Highview near Jefferson School.

Caldwell Police want to make areas around Jefferson and Lincoln elementary schools safer for students.

Sgt. Michael Pellegrino, head of the department’s traffic division, suggested at Tuesday night’s council meeting changing Elm Road between Crane Street and Bloomfield Avenue near  to a one way. In addition, he recommended allowing parking on the north side of that section of Elm Road.

With parking on both sides of the street, Pellegrino said, “Traffic would slow down because the road is more narrow.”

The additional parking, he said, would benefit the Elm Road apartments and a business, .

Pellegrino also asked the council to create a “walking lane” on Highview Road near , where he said there is a lot of congestion during pickup and dropoff. 

The section near Prospect Street where parking is restricted from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on school days would be increased to give parents and children an area to walk in the roadways where there are no sidewalks.

“It makes it safer for the parents and the kids to get to their vehicles,” he said.

In order to make either change, the borough would need to pass an ordinance.

Pellegrino also presented revised and school routes at Tuesday's meeting.

Lisa Heiblim August 10, 2012 at 01:20 AM
While the situation at Jefferson does need adjustment, this will not help. There is already parking in the no parking zones by parents ignoring the signs and this will only encourage parking further down the street making the issue even worse. The correct solution would be to have a route carved out around Jefferson School by going through the current parking lot and then back again up to Prospect. This would keep cars off of Prospect and allow for pickup in the back of the school for example. While this would take a strip out of the field it does not affect the baseball or soccer areas and could be done. This suggestion presumes compliance which we do not see already


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