Bike Rodeo Offers Helmet Checks, Obstacle Course

Caldwell Police will teach children about bicycle safety at Caldwell Farmers' Market this Friday.

Children will have a chance to learn about bicycle safety, make sure their helmets fit properly and ride an obstacle course at the Caldwell Farmers’ Market this Friday. 

The Caldwell Police Department, in partnership with Project Main Street, will be hosting a free bicycle rodeo/safety program at the market, from 2 to 4 p.m., in the Smull Avenue parking lot behind .

Bicycles can be inspected and registered with the during this program coordinated by Sgt. Michael Pellegrino.

The Caldwell Police Department has run this successful program through Caldwell-West Caldwell elementary schools and has inspected and registered more than 1,000 bikes over the years.

This is the first program the Caldwell Police Department will host at the Caldwell Farmers’ Market.

Chief James Bongiorno stated in a release, “Anytime the police department gets an opportunity to work with community, we always want to participate. Not only are the programs great for the safety of the children, which is of paramount importance, but they also give the members of the Police Department the opportunity to meet everyone.”

He added, “These programs help break down the barriers and opens up the lines of the communication between us and the community.” 

One of Bongiorno’s goals when he became Caldwell Police Chief in January was to open up the lines of communication with the public. “We want to let everyone know that we are all very approachable and are here to help everyone,” he stated. 

The Caldwell Farmers’ is organized and managed by the volunteers of Project Main Street, a nonprofit organization committed to making a difference in downtown Caldwell.

gregory l. mitchell July 18, 2012 at 09:53 PM
This an excellent program for the police to work with the children,especially with all of the aggressive driving about-just observe! Also,it is great to see the "bicycle police"on the road once again.The last several years we saw them ride in the Memorial Day Parade and that was it,not to be seen again until the next year's parade!With their highly visible professional presence,what better way to go in and out of the municipal lots,up and down the avenue(Blmfld).It certainly would cut down on the speeding along Blmfld Ave as well.Just observe some of the speeds while autos are trying to get through that next light!! Mind you,I have worked outside all of my life-no one is encouraging the police to don rain gear and ride in inclement weather or when it's 20 degrees out.Common sense could be applied.I really think it would be to the betterment of our wonderful town if it was to be applied once again.Thank You,Respectfully,Gregory L.Mitchell


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