Who Knew Serving Pickles Could be so Rewarding?

Patch editor kicks off volunteering at kindergartener's school on Give Five day.

One of the many, many things that drew me to Patch is the company’s emphasis on volunteering. “Give Five” is what Patch calls the handful of days a year that employees are encouraged to do service in the communities they cover. 

As I near my six-month anniversary with Caldwells Patch, today was my third Give Five day. In the past, I have helped out at the and at the

Today, I turned to a group a little closer to my heart. My son is a kindergartener at  in Caldwell, where the lunch program is run completely by volunteer parents, and from what I understand, some grandparents, too.  Volunteers do everything from create menus and order food to serve it lovingly to kindergarten through eighth graders and wipe the tables when they are done.

The look on my son’s face today was priceless when he saw me behind the counter dishing out pickles to his schoolmates. He also loved getting a chance to ask Mom for a dollar to buy a snack.

Just like Patch, Trinity is an organization that encourages giving back within its community. And although the next Give Five day is a couple of months away, I am happy to say I will be back in the lunchroom dishing out those tasty pickles much sooner than that. 

Check out some ways you could give back in the Caldwells in today's .


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