Spring Gear That's Been Put to the Test: Part 2

More recommendations for the season from our local expert gear tester.

Whether you are heading to The Hilltop, South Mountain Reservation or further for your outdoor spring fun, here are some top picks for the season's adventures.

Goal Zero | Sherpa 50 Adventure Kit – Goal Zero makes portable batteries and solar panels to charge your gadgets on the trail or outdoors. The Sherpa 50 Kit is great for the gadget lover who can’t live without their iPhone or GPS on their trip. It comes in a whopping $450, but it can be a life saver on a trip.

Zym | Catapult – Last week, I featured a product that helps your endurance so I saw it fit to show one that helps your sprinting/energy. Zym Catapult is an effervescent tablet that dissolves in water and is formulated to help you regain energy. It contains caffeine and other energy enhancing ingredients. Zym can be ordered from their website and they offer free samples.

Kate’s Real Food | Energy Bars – Kate’s Real food makes great energy bars that are organic and all natural. They come in three flavors and help you perform at your peak for longer. The Kate’s bars aren’t sold in New Jersey yet so let’s keep our fingers crossed. In the meantime, you can order them on their website. Katesrealfood.com

Switch Vision | Boreal – The Boreal is the world’s first full frame sunglasses that have the patented magnetic interchange system. There are many different systems to change the lens on your sunglasses, but this is by far one of the fastest. They are a bit pricey, but the optics are super clear.

Feedback Sports | Pro Elite – If you are starting to get serious about cycling and flipping your bike over to fix just isn’t cutting it, you need a repair stand. These special stands have a clamp at the top to hold your bike at whichever angle you need it. The Pro-Elite is the best stand I’ve ever worked on and the stand is solid, it can hold over 80 pounds.

John Giuffre is the founder and editor of Geartested.net, a site that reviews sports clothing and equipment. Giuffre is a sophomore at West Essex High School.


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