Letter: 'Rethinking the Power We Really Have'

The writers are re-elected members of the North Caldwell Council who ran unopposed in the Nov. 6 election.

For a moment in time we all experienced some loss of power with regards to our routines and functionality. Our children were unable to charge their iPhones; some lost the luxury of blow drying their hair; we sat on gas lines for what seemed an eternity. Some New Jersey citizens lost their homes, others sadly lost their lives.

After much reflection and inconvenience, we have had the luxury of rethinking the power we really have in spite of natural disasters. As individuals, we have the power to vote and choose our representatives to lead us, establish policy, and to connect communities for the common good. As families, we have the power to instill and foster values to our children and grandchildren so that they can hopefully improve upon the legacy they inherit. As a community, we have a voice to our governing body to effect change and to perfect that which needs refinement.

Throughout North Caldwell's plight to get power, the Mayor and Council worked with PSE&G in a collaborative effort to get the town functioning as expeditiously as was feasible. Complexities with wiring in neighboring towns was a factor that impacted our town. While all of this was being judiciously pursued we had workers from Texas and other states join the effort to get New Jersey running. Citizens loaded their cars and vans with dozens of roasted chickens and necessities for some of the families devastated at our Jersey Shore. Some families who had electricity shared their homes and lit a fire, took out a Monopoly game, or sang songs to pass the time. Several couples mentioned that the experience was a little romantic.

At the end of the day, we want to express our gratitude for re-electing us to serve the town of North Caldwell for another term on the Council. We pledge our efforts to be advocates for all of our citizens and welcome your input on how we can make North Caldwell better. As a result of this storm, we realize we must find not only ways to cope as a community but to be able to communicate with our constituents in real terms and real time so that we stay aligned with a common purpose. Thank you for giving us that opportunity.

Frank Astorino and Patty Fost
North Caldwell Council Members 


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