Letter: Report Suspicious Activity, Vandalism to Police

Criminal mischief on the rise in Grover Cleveland Park, the Kiwanis Oval and other areas of Caldwell.

The following letter is being reposted from the Caldwell Police Department's Facebook page. 

The would like to ask residents and visitors in the area for their assistance.

Due to a recent increase in Criminal Mischief Activities in the , the and other areas around the Borough of Caldwell, the Caldwell Police Department would ask that people visiting any of these areas please remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity or vandalism to the Caldwell Police Department.

The Police Department will continue to patrol the park and will remove any individual that is in the park after hours or is caught vandalizing property. Obviously, we want everyone to enjoy their time and enjoy everything the park has to offer and will work to prevent people from ruining that experience.

Please do not attempt to intervene, confront or apprehend anyone.

If you see something suspicious, call the Caldwell Police at 973-226-2600.

Caldwell Police Department

cindy blanco August 10, 2012 at 04:28 AM
It would be a great idea if an officer would walk through during the early evenings maybe,,, in the past week between 6 and 8 pm this is what i have seen walking my dog, 4 boys smoking weed, a bunch of high school kids going nuts on the playground like idiots which kept several families from entering with their little kids, 3 boys throwing garbage cans down the hill over the pond, and kids hiding in the bushes all over being creepy. One day the officer on the Harley was riding through, but it was the morning nothing goes on then, it's the evenings obviously!


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