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Books and Movies for Pennies on the Dollar

A frugal choice for entertainment

The overhead is low, the inventory donated, and the labor priceless. The newest business in town is the bookstore at the South Orange Public Library. 

Librarian Phyllis Kalb showed Patch the store, which is located upstairs on the main level. The room is bright, decorated with prints, and organized thoughtfully, she explained.  Kalb noted that the Friends wanted the store to be welcoming and easy-to-use. Patrons won't have to reach too high or squat too low to browse, she said.  Books are organized by subject and author on shelves at eye-level and below.

Hard cover books are priced at $2 and paperbacks cost  .50.  The store will be open Tuesday 1-3, Wed 4-6 and Sat 2-4. 

Your Patch editor bought two "Shopaholic" books, priced elsewhere for more than $10, a set of Wallace and Gromit videos, and a paperback mystery for $3.50 total.  And, get this, the volunteers packed my purchases into a beautiful shopping bag, one that suggested that I had done some serious Shopaholic, 5th Avenue-style damage to the wallet. Nope...that's frugal for you!

Volunteers are welcome; contact friends@sopl.org for details. 


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