Residents Thought Irene Would be 'More of a Storm'

Did the hurricane blow you over? Or leave you wondering, that's it?

Residents of the Caldwells , but no major incidents of damage or injuries were known as of Sunday afternoon.

Frank Gurtman, 61, of North Caldwell, said he saw “big time” flooding on his property.

“My house was surrounded by water on three sides,” he said.

Pat Gargiulo, 51, of West Caldwell, said he avoided flooding in his basement by using sump pumps. Gargiulo said he doesn't have a backup generator and was therefore happy not to have lost power during the storm. He said there was a lot of water in the street outside his home.

Gargiulo said he expected the hurricane to be more severe, which is why he bought water, bread and other provisions ahead of time. He also celebrated before the storm by sharing “hurricane” rum drinks with his neighbors Saturday. 

Robert Ohnmeiss, 54, of Caldwell, was walking down Bloomfield Avenue looking for damage Sunday. Ohnmeiss said he was impacted minimally and was surprised at how many shopkeepers taped their windows.

“I live in the apartments down the street so I didn’t feel anything at all,” he said.

Laura Bania, 26, of nearby Verona, was sitting in the morning after heavy rain pelted the area. She said she didn’t really feel the storm’s impacts.

“It rained really hard last night,” Bania said. “I was expecting there to be more of a storm in the morning.”

Carolyne Curley August 30, 2011 at 04:10 PM
Our power just got back on 30 minutes ago. Huge trees are down. My sister in Green Township, my niece in Morristown still have no power. A lot of damage everywhere. Fairfield is a river right now. This was NOT a non-storm.


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