Want Less Stress and More Happiness?

Local life coaches provide the escape you're looking for.

As parents, we sometimes focus all of our attention on our children’s needs and forget about our own. What do we like to do? What are our hopes and dreams? Turning to a coach for help is one way to get clear on our life’s direction and to commiserate with others in our same situation.     

South Orange resident Sydney Davis, Executive Director of Girls On The Run and founder of a coaching group called Let's Rise, is a Life and Career Coach as well as a mother to two daughters.

“Most of us wouldn’t blink an eye if a friend mentioned she was taking a class for work but when it comes to parenting, many expect to just know what to do," said Davis. “A lot of moms feel worn out, exhausted and discouraged. Joining a group reassures us we are not alone.”

Davis has organized various support workshops, for both adults and children. Conscious Parenting is a 4-week program where Davis will lead the group on setting parenting goals, providing accountability and educate attendees on why their kids behave the way they do. The group will meet on Fridays at 9:30- 11 am beginning April 1.

“I want to empower moms to feel more in control over their lives.”

Maplewood mom of three daughters, Lucila McElroy is Chief Inspiration Officer of a coaching company called MOMentum. “We help mothers who want to go after their goals and who are also realizing that they need tools to feel more joy and fulfillment and less stress, anxiety and questioning,” said McElroy.  

She offers one on one coaching as well as group coaching. The Maplewood/South Orange group meets once a month and also receive additional support throughout the month from McElroy. Members discuss topics such as motherhood, the decision whether or not to work outside the home and how to be a great friend, spouse or family member.

Jill Mendelberg, a Maplewood mom of two and a recent transplant from Brooklyn, has found a tremendous support since joining the group. “It carves out a space for me to ‘check in with myself’, to evaluate how I am doing and what I could change to make my life more satisfying.”

Mention this Patch column when you register for the series and Davis will include the Parenting Workbook free of charge.

Rita Desnoyers-Garcia March 25, 2011 at 01:52 PM
It's so wonderful to live in a community where there is so much support for mothers. These programs are wonderful and I would encourage moms to check them out!


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