Tony's Train Town Offers 34 Years of Experience

Cedar Grove business opened in 1979 selling of trains and accessories.

Al Puntasecca has been a Cedar Grove business owner for the past 34 years, having opened Tony's Train Town in 1979. 

Puntasecca was once a construction engineer who got tired of working outside so he turned his passion into a business, naming his model train shop after his son Tony.

“Model trains have been a hobby of mine all my life,” he said. “I worked outside for 40 years and I wanted to get out of the cold so I turned my hobby into a business.” 

Puntasecca has always loved model trains and has been playing with them since he was a kid.

Tony's Train Town, located at 575 Pompton Ave. in Cedar Grove offers trains, parts, accessories, layouts and repairs. The store is filled from wall to wall with name-brand trains, puzzles, models, airplane kits, plastic kits and all sorts of accessories. 

“Every kid should have a train,” said Puntasecca.

Tony's Train Town, usually sees an increase of customers around the holidays with customers looking for a great layout to go around the Christmas tree and offers special prices for the holiday season.

“We do a lot of shipping out of state year round,” he said. “We have German trains so we often ship all over the world.”

A lot has changed in Puntasecca's 34 years in business, especially with internet shopping but he guarantees one thing the internet cannot provide: excellent, personal customer service.

“You should attempt to shop at local businesses as much as possible,” he said. “Although sometimes the prices may be a bit higher you will not get better service than from buying at a local store.”

People choose Tony's Train Town because he is always willing to speak with the customer and explain how things work, said Puntasecca. He can provide the help that customers cannot get online, he said.

Tony's Train Town is open seven days a week and Puntasecca is ready to help or repair any train you bring him. He always stands by his motto.

“We sell the best and service the rest.”


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