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Kocafe Opens on Springfield Avenue in Maplewood Peruvian blends, baked goods and WiFi — what more could you want?

Kocafe officially opened its doors for business this Sunday, April 3, with one of the most well-attended ribbon cuttings this Patch editor has seen since she began covering Maplewood two years ago.

Perhaps the sunny skies and warm temperatures brought out the crowd. Or maybe it was the buzz surrounding this new cafe and eatery at 1908 Springfield Avenue. Owner Anthony Escribens and his beautiful wife Giannina Consiglieri have created a warm, vibrant and welcoming space (profiled in Patch last week).

Besides the striking Peruvian art, Kocafe will be offering WiFi and a menu of flavorful coffee, fresh juices, sophisticated sandwiches, crepes and pastries. A quick glance at just the coffee menu revealed four different treatments for espresso as well as cappucino, plus loads of other choices such a machiatto, caffe latte, and caffe mocha.

Not to be outdone, the juice menu feature blends of fruits such as papaya, guava, mango and maracuyo, among others.

“I wanted to bring a new sort of coffee house to Maplewood, fusing Peruvian flavors with Latin American ones,” Escribens told Patch. “I’m really excited to share some new flavors and introduce people to my culture.”

Meera Kothari Cho of Knitknack, the popular knitting supply store and center of all things knitting, was on hand for the opening. "It's good news for the Avenue," she said. "The more going on, the better." Kothari Cho felt that the addition of another coffee shop (Kari's Cafe is less than a block away) would not hurt other cafes: "Everyone has something different to offer."

Kocafe: 1908 Springfield Avenue Maplewood / 973-378-7927 Hours: Monday - Friday (7 a.m. - 8 p.m.), Saturday - Sunday (7 a.m. - 5 p.m.).


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