Most Reviewed Restaurants in the Caldwells on Yelp!

Do you agree or disagree with the critics?

The website Yelp! has empowered anyone with Internet access to become the neighborhood's New York Times food critic.

So how do John and Jane Q. Public review the many restaurants in the Caldwells?

Take a look at the Top 5 most reviewed restaurants in our area. Then tell us if you agree or disagree with their critiques in the comments.

5. Forte Pizzeria and Ristorante, 3 1/2 Stars, 31 Reviews

Reviews run the gamut from glowing, "Great food and it's fast. Probably the best known and best liked pizzeria around," to lukewarm, "Salad was decent and the chicken was pretty good."

4. Bangkok Kitchen, 4 Stars, 44 Reviews 

A review from Huntington Beach, Calif. says, "...too bad we're not locals so we can't come back more regularly!"

3. Original Pancake House, 4 Stars, 54 Reviews

A Caldwell reviewer says, "Bacon pancakes with a side of bacon. Delicious, yummy, slab cut bacon. Do I really need to say any more than that?" But an Elizabeth reviewer opines: "Pancakes are great, French toast not so much, bread they used was awful."

2. Calandra's, 4 Stars, 55 Reviews

Most of the reviews are four stars, including this one. "For people looking for a comfortable, fun alternative to Montclair, this place—just up Bloomfield Ave.—is a godsend."

1. Cloverleaf Tavern, 4 Stars, 87 Reviews

Also mostly four-star reviews and lots of mentions of the beer selection, crab dip and sweet potato fries. 

Do you agree or disagree with the critics? Tell us in the comments.


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