Everyday is Margarita Day at Toro Loco

Toro Loco has been popular for 20 years. Patch visits to learn more

Just in time for National Margarita Week, Patch visited Toro Loco. Long a South Orange destination, the restaurant and bar are known for their margaritas.  However, there’s plenty to eat that brings patrons back week after week, for some 20 years now.

Lunch and dinner are served at Toro Loco. Lunch is generally served in the large bar area, where tables line one side of the room. The bar, with round stools, lines another, and there are high tables in the middle. Televisions show the latest sports headlines and big games.

Dinner is served in the same room, or across the hall in two larger rooms decorated with Mayan and Aztec art. The rooms are carved into nooks, which makes a large place feel cozy.

Highlights of the appetizer menu, which is here, include Pulpo in Salsa Verde (octopus in green sauce) and Ensalada Nopales (Cactus Salad).  They also serve , and chips and salsa are brought to each table as soon as patrons are seated.

Fajitas, said my server, are the most popular menu item. Chicken, beef or shrimp fajitas make for a an event; the sizzling metal plate on which the food arrives is audible across the dining room. Heads turn to see who is having what for dinner.

Also popular are tacos, chimichangas, and burritos.  All of those are served with chicken, beef, vegetables and in various combinations.

Toro Loco’s servers are experienced and professional.  They’re friendly and they know the menu inside and out. The restaurant is located in downtown South Orange, flanked by two municipal parking lots and across from the train station.

Toro Loco is comfortable, reliable, and appears popular for dates, for families with children from very young to teens, and attracts many groups of older adults, as well. Perhaps today is the day to try Toro Loco, margaritas and all. 



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