Caldwell Business Owners Invited to Shop Caldwell Meeting

Caldwell Merchants Association, mayor exploring program to bring more business to borough.

All Caldwell business owners are invited to the Caldwell Community Center on Thursday, Feb. 28, at 6 p.m., to learn more about Shop Caldwell, a program that would reward residents of the borough with property tax credits or rebate checks for shopping in town.

The following background about the proposed program was provided by the Caldwell Merchants Association: 

Caldwell merchants and Mayor Ann Dassing are exploring a unique program to bring more business to Caldwell and reward residents at the same time, either with a rebate on property taxes or, for non-property owners, as an annual rebate check.

Here's how the program works: The program is designed to be tailored to the needs of each individual business. Each business owner determines the percentage of the purchase to be credited. When a Caldwell resident uses a Shop Caldwell card, a portion of the purchase is applied to the Caldwell property owner's tax bill or is returned to a Caldwell tenant in the form of a check at the end of the tax year. Residents keep track of their accumulating credits on line.

Free to residents, there are nominal costs to Caldwell businesses to help defray the cost of administering the program and OPTIONAL equipment costs. The program is administered by Fincredit who launched the first of these innovative programs in Marlboro five months ago. Reports from merchants in Marlboro are very enthusiastic about the amount of new business generated by this program in the short time it has been working! For example, a Marlboro cleaner reports one new customer every three days since beginning the program.

Where else can you get a credit on your tax bill for ordering a pizza or having your hair cut? The Shop Caldwell program is endorsed by Mayor Ann Dassing and sponsored by the Caldwell Merchants Association and we are very excited to bring this opportunity to Caldwell. It is open to all business owners in Caldwell.




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