Another Business Bows Out of Downtown

Rose & Nicholas closing shop this week.

Rose & Nicholas Boutique is the latest shop to close in downtown Caldwell in recent months. 

Owner Carol Del Viriginia said business was just too slow and the rent was simply too high to sustain the Smull Avenue shoe shop.

The still-new looking purple wooden sign was taken down Monday. The store will be open for a couple of more days this week with everything marked down more than 50%. The dyeable shoe inventory may move to , located around the corner on Bloomfield Avenue.

Del Virginia opened the shop with her son, Nick, in late 2010, offering chlidren's shoes and accessories, as well as dyeable shoes for weddings and special occasions. The shop also carried a signature line of clothing , who studied graphic design at Caldwell College.

"I'm sticking it out for a few days," said Del Virginia, a resident of Verona, hoping to sell-off as much of what's left as possible.

Other shops have disappeared from downtown Caldwell recently.

AS&J Paper at 412 Bloomfield Ave. is closed and now has a For Rent sign in the window.

Diana's Cuts for Kids, which specialized in children's haircuts, went to an appointment-only schedule a few weeks back and is now vacant. The salon was open for more than five years at 392 Bloomfield Ave.

The windows of , which sold carpet and flooring, are papered up. Owner Robert Rizzolo in December from the borough's Environmental Commission for offering a selection of eco-friendly carpets. 

Earlier this year, the dollar-store closed and will be the new home of the health food business, , which has moved out of West Caldwell.

Dave Fogel July 11, 2011 at 08:33 PM
It is unfortunate when local stores close. However, it is unforgivable when the local town government does not support those businesses. My wife and I went out to dinner in May and we got a ticket for parking after 9:00pm. I wonder how many other people got tickets and decided to shop elsewhere after supporting local businesses as well as the township.
bbbnto July 11, 2011 at 09:09 PM
In defense of the town for one minute: I'm assuming you got your parking ticket on Hanford Place. The 9:00PM parking limit has been on Hanford for MANY MANY years and the signs saying this parking limitation are very well marked. About 20 years ago, I myself had gotten a ticket on Hanford also - this was the first and last time I did. If I go to Cloverleaf or other restaurants and I know that I'll be after 9:00PM, I park in the lot or on Bloomfield Avenue. So this is not a valid problem, sorry. You can however, petition the town council to change the ordinance, if you think it needs changing! Your other comment may be valid however!
Michael July 12, 2011 at 01:45 PM
lets face reality, as you piss money away on outside companies to try to fix your downtown, they they don't live in the town or even in the same state, and try to cookie cut all the towns, it wont work. my opinion and I by far am no expert, I dont understand why the signage for the back lots is so poor, why the property on roseland ave had to become a bank instead of the town purchasing it for municiple parking, why a few other properties that have gone up for sale were never purchased to be used as municipal parking lots, so to eliminate parking on bloomfield ave, which would give the store fronts more visibility, the other thing is that the town allows too much of the same competition, how many crappy pizza and nail salon joints do we need?!? how about stabilizing the rent to protect the towns integrity, I mean is all of this stuff really out of the realm of reality?? Caldwell has been run by short sighted and lazy politcians for too long, The college has been allowed to expand its property lines without a true benefit to the town, and hundreds of trees torn down to build the Walt Disney Castle of pastry, and yet if you buy or rent property on the main section of the ave, god forbid you put a flag outside so someone can find you. I say listen more to the residents and store owners of the town and try to meet there needs instead of paying some outside company to tell us to throw money away on brick crosswalks and hanging flower pots.
Michael July 12, 2011 at 01:51 PM
We are not Montclair or Milburn, and quite frankly we shouldn't try to be, I think we can be better, with our own style, let the other towns look up to us.
John Loconsolo July 12, 2011 at 02:08 PM
Michael, what gives the town the right to say to a potential small business owner, "sorry, we will not approve your business if you plan to put in another pizzeria or nail salon. We already have enough of those." I do not believe they have a right to do so, thankfully.
Michael July 12, 2011 at 04:24 PM
Actually they do. my family owns quite a bit of property in a town not too far from here, and part of what they have to deal with is getting approval for certain stores to be allowed in. the idea is to have some diversity for the integrity of the community, if the whole town was pizza shops and for some reason tomato sauce becomes impossible to get, you would have tumbling weeds rolling down bloomfield ave in no time, or the competition so great that the pizza shops would have to keep dropping prices to increase the customer base just to pay the rent, leaving others to go out of business. a town like that is not business friendly and deters other businesses from wanting to invest in a location, as they know anyone with can of sauce and a pie cutter can come in. also think of when a resident wants to buy a shirt and has to go out of town to do so, they are going to eat lunch at the pizza shop near the clothing store and spend the day out of town. The idea is to bring recreation, shopping and dining to the area so that it becomes a place to put on your to do list, not on your pass through list. You need to be able to park all day, have family activities that get people moving and active, batting cages, bowling, etc. family restaurants, combination sports and bike store, book store, card store, movie theater, etc. we have the potential but stuffing a shoe store in a 500 sq. ft. location with no parking or visibility just isnt going to work.
Beatrice July 12, 2011 at 06:10 PM
The township can write ordinances that do not allow or permit a 'nail salon' within xx feet of another or a jewelry store within xx of an existing They can't tell you what kind of business they want, but can dictate footprint so there is a variety....big pool of many shops and service types. Parking is there, but many people don't want to look for it, they want 'at a glance' lots or spots. Maybe West of Roseland we have angled 3 hour parking on Thursday evenings and on Weekends. Just try it out and a couple more cross walks! The two tiered parking deck by the comm center should be marked as public parking for all! Many assume only for community center.
Beatrice July 12, 2011 at 06:38 PM
The Caldwells has something unique. What you ask? We have become a MECCA OF GREAT CUISINE! Greek, Italian Fine and Casual Dining, Mediterranean, Southern BBQ, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Organic, Seafood, Brazillian, Homemade Americana, Irish Pub and Fair, Pizza take outs, Amazing Deli's, Homemade Ice Creams, and yes, a great Italian Village and all these cuisines within 10 short blocks of the downtown! I like the fact that we can walk about town, have an amazing variety of food, fare, fine dining, casual dining, fresh foods, and libations whether you bring your own or order from a professional. Not bad at all. Dine, Shop, and Think 07006! Maybe bistro tables in front of all restaurants on Thursday, Friday, Saturday afternoon, and evenings should be permitted and encouraged to serve patrons. If you place it, they will come! Again, The township and restaurants can give it a try. Block of the parking spot in front of the restaurant where tables will be set up, so passersby have ample walk space. Illuminate Parking Lot signs, encourage Churches and Banks to allow parking/valet from area restaurants...to see of this helps our LOCAL ECONOMY. Maybe replace splintering benches with nicer benches. NIce music out front of each restaurant could be nice.
Beatrice July 12, 2011 at 07:33 PM
Beatrice July 12, 2011 at 08:56 PM
the comment you replied to was deleted. Can you provide summary of that comment?
Michael July 12, 2011 at 09:18 PM
exactly my point. talk to the community and the store owners not main street bla bla from east bumble ****. but we need more then just restaurants, yea its nice to go to the ave for a couple of hours to have a lunch or dinner, but you want people to stay all day and shop or play, grab a quick lunch, shop for some nice clothes or home goods then have a nice long sit down dinner and top it off with a movie. you can't do that until you get rid of the trees blocking the store fronts and relieve the parking off the ave and into well lit parking lots. Calandra's does nothing for Bloomfield ave. so I don't even count it. they destroyed hundreds of trees for it, but felt the need to plant ones in front of store fronts on the ave to be eco friendly. doesn't make sense. valet parking is a great idea, but you take your life in your hands when you are dealing with traffic and parked cars as well, without the cars parked on the ave. valet parking would be a lot easier and safer. I don't think many out of town people even know that there is a parking lot behind the movie theater, with an access alley from the lot to the front of the theater and sandwich barn.
Beatrice July 13, 2011 at 12:40 AM
To have people stay all day as you describe you really have to go to Lambertville, New Hope, Frenchtown, and Nyack. We are looking to retain those who work here, those who go to school here, residents, and visitors, extended families, and reel in businesses to fill our empty storefronts like Pottery Barn Outlet, or residents from other towns, but unless we produce a water feature like the delaware or a theatre that holds a music festival like beatlemania, or an arts center like milburn this will not happen. . We can attract historians to see the Grover Cleveland Birthplace or Olmsteads, "GC Park", but we need Art in the Park, more attendance to Concerts in the Park, maybe World Class Soccer Competition in the Oval. Along with our great bistro's ready to serve, al fresco, box lunches, and a Town Green that has nice seating, attraction like a terrace off the Library and baristas on prem and WiFi. The town needs to rock beyond sirens day and night. A flea Market at the GC Birthplace would be ideal on Saturday afternoons in August and September. Project Main Street can market this for the town, but need partnership with the merchants, professional services, and our government.
Beatrice July 13, 2011 at 12:45 AM
The Gray Lady formerly 'Valley National Bank' owners need morph into Caldwell Center for the Arts. Perfect locations, great spot for SummerArts and Arts classes year round, Theatre/stage, and reception for children in the arts. This will bring people to Caldwell. Who doesn't love the arts!
Michael July 13, 2011 at 02:26 AM
Why not a good old fashion arcade,?? skeeball??
Michael July 13, 2011 at 04:44 AM
someone lost his cookie
Teresa Akersten (Editor) July 13, 2011 at 11:57 AM
Please refrain from cursing in the comments. If you can't keep it clean, your comment will need to be deleted.
Beatrice July 13, 2011 at 03:47 PM
great idea! The children do need a place to call their own during summer, after school, weekends. This is their town too as their parents pay big tax to live here! Maybe an extension of the community center and they rent a vacant space in town. Maybe a property owner can fund this with the community center? Jimmy Hill set up a great place in Fairfield for families.
Beatrice July 13, 2011 at 06:38 PM
Hi Michael, So you know the Hanging Flower Baskets are from donations only. Project Main Street has fund raisers at Luce' for enhancing the business district. Residents both homeowners and renters have volunteered to water the Flower Baskets 3 days a week. Apparently they need more volunteers to water, based on conversation with volunteers watering. Brick crosswalks are paid for by County/County Taxes. Now the sidewalks, different story. Grants can be had bto have the sidewalks repaired/overhauled at the same time the county puts in crosswalks. Sidewalks are township property. Caldwell should work more closely with planning better crosswalks, streets, encouraging business, and possibly designing street scape more like south orange village. Unlike Verona, we want businesses to come to town, stay for the long term, and welcome visitors. If you compare parking there to Caldwell we are a bit more accommodating.
Beatrice July 13, 2011 at 06:48 PM
Book Store could be great. A Caldwell College Store could be great. We had bowling, now Walgreen's because we needed another drug store. Ace Hardware is looking for a tenant to take over 7000 square feet of their store/half their store. That too could be a great arcade space.
Cj July 14, 2011 at 03:02 PM
The parking ban after 9pm on Hanford has been that way for years. It is only right that it continues. The Ringside Pub and Cloverleaf are both within that side street and its not fair to the residents that people come out drunk or noisey and wake the residents at all hours. I agree that parking ban should stay in place. As for the rest of the town .The rents are way to high for these little people to make it here. At night it looks like Little Mexico and there are many people that are just not going to shop in this town anymore.
Dave Fogel July 16, 2011 at 03:23 AM
The night I got a ticket I went to Bangkok Kitchen. I can assure you I did not make any noise leaving the restaurant. I could see getting a ticket if I disturbed the neighbors. Also, wasn't the Cloverleaf there before most of the houses on Hanford Place? The last thing we need is for people to find a reason not to shop in Caldwell. The fact that only Hanford Place has this law is wrong.
bbbnto July 16, 2011 at 08:12 PM
David, In my humble opinion, your argument is baseless. Just because you didn't make any noise, doesn't mean you get a 'pass' for breaking a parking law. Hanford's parking law is a good one, and I hope it doesn't change. By the way, I don't live on Hanford, so that's not my reason for supporting it. The noise on that street that could happen when the bars on Bloomfield Ave close is a good reason for the parking limitation. Preventing people from shopping is not the reason for the Hanford parking restriction either. What is open after 9:00PM in the vicinity of Hanford Place? Bars. Was the Cloverleaf there before Hanford Place? Who knows, but quite frankly, that is not the issue. Of course this is my opinion, and I respect you opinion also. You can carry your argument a bit further also. There is 1/2 hour parking between 2:00AM and 6:00AM on most residential streets in Caldwell. This law to prevent overnight parking. Is this a good law? Absolutely. When the Police patrol at night, and see cars on the street at these early hours, it's a potential red-flag that there is a problem. It's a good security measure that it taken by the police. Hey, even I have gotten tickets for leaving my car, accidently, on the street overnight. I can assure you that wasn't creating any disterbance....but I still broke the parking law...
Cj July 17, 2011 at 01:28 PM
The CloverLeaf was not there before Hanford place. Please some of the houses around here are 100 years old or more. Leave Hanford as is. I did not say you made noise Dave, I said imagine what people on \Hanford go through at all hours for the night. This town is not anything like what it used to be and never will be again


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