NJ Spotlight's Interactive Map: NJ Hospital Mortality Rates

NJ Spotlight surveys statistics to help identify the best hospitals.

Ever wonder how well your local hospital is doing?

The New Jersey Department of Health rated 72 major hospitals across the state according to the number of deaths per 100 patients for pneumonia, stroke, heart attack, and heart failure.

The average mortality rates were 2.4 percent for pneumonia, 3.4 percent for stroke, 5.9 percent for heart attack, and 8.2 percent for heart failure.

To create the map, NJ Spotlight's Colleen O'Dea used the Mortality Inpatient Quality Indicator. Using a statistical method called “risk adjusting,” the numbers are adjusted to account for differences in patient characteristics. For example, a patient’s previous health status, like a chronic illness or advanced age, may influence the outcome of the treatment. The purpose of “risk adjusting” the numbers is to standardize the data so that hospitals that treat sicker or older patients can be fairly compared to other hospitals that do not treat so many sick or elderly patients.

To see how your hospital rates, click on the marker of the interactive map on NJ Spotlight.

For example, St. Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston rates higher than the average for stroke, with 10.1 percent, but lower for heart failure, 2.7 percent.

Overlook Hospital in Summit, also has a higher than average rate for stroke, 9 percent, and lower for heart failure, 3 percent.

Mountainside Hospital in Montclair rates higher than the average for heart attack at 8 percent, but lower for heart failure, 4 percent.

Newark Beth Israel Medical Center in Newark rates higher for heart attack and stroke, and lower for heart failure.

Morristown Memorial Hospital, now known as Morristown Medical Center, rates higher for stroke and lower for heart failure.

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