Conan's 'Illegitimate Son' Grew Up in Verona

Greg Keating takes to You Tube to tell late night host: I love you, dad.

Greg Keating takes to YouTube to tell Conan: I love you, dad.
Greg Keating takes to YouTube to tell Conan: I love you, dad.

Written by Teresa Akersten

Is he just another redhead looking for attention? Or is this lookalike from Verona possibly Conan O'Brien's illegitimate son? 

Greg Keating is generating lots of buzz Monday for claiming his mother conceived a lovechild in the early 1990s with the late night television host while she worked at 30 Rock just three floors above his studio.

In the video, Keating — the spitting image of a young Conan — delivers the message, "I want to share with you. Grow with you. Dominate late night television with you ... Or, we could just go fishing."

It's not clear what the 2011 Verona High School graduate and former lacrosse player hopes to gain from the 2:14 You Tube spoof.

While most commenters can't get over the resemblance and are rooting for him to get a spot on Conan's show, others with underdeveloped senses of humor are calling him a fraud. (Duh!)

Perhaps the best message left for the young wanna-be O'Brien comes from a viewer who chooses to play along: "I'm wondering if an illegitimate Jay Leno Jr. will try to steal the spotlight..."


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