A Walk Down Scotland Rd

Bill Binford is looking to make his presence felt in the local music scene with his band 13 Scotland Road.

13 Scotland Rd is the brainchild of Bill Binford and company. Binford writes all his own music, and performs with a handful of local artists, such as singer Alexandra Young, percussionist Richard Lee, Aaron Seglin, singer Amy Patierno, and Doug Gill.

“The purpose of 13 Scotland Rd is to display the talents of everybody I work with,” says Binford.

The band got its name from Binford and Seglin’s old apartment building. The address was, you guessed it, 13 Scotland Road. 

A few years ago Binford found Seglin looking lost and walking down South Orange in the middle of the street. Once Binford offered to help Seglin, he realized he was blind. Binford walked with Seglin down the street to the train underpass where he dropped him off, and wished him well. Turns out they were both heading to the same place. 

"Back in the day, I would gather with other artists at the local vintage guitar shop and jam. I was on my way there when I found Aaron in the street. I ran an errand, came around to the guitar shop and there he was," says Binford.

Binford caught Aaron playing harmonica and he knew at that moment he had found someone special. The two have been playing together ever since.

“He played my soul that day, that’s all I can say,” Binford remembers. 

Binford believes Aaron Seglin's technical expertise on a host of unique instruments is extremely uncommon in today’s music scene.

“He plays the harmonica, wooden flute, penny whistles and even some guitar, just to name some. He has unbelievable versatilty, and a great ear for sound,” Binford said. 

Richard Lee is another well-rounded and versatile artist working with Binford. “If I remember correctly, we met at the Dancing Goat. Lee is an extremely accomplished percussionist and plays a wide variety of music.” Binford said.  

The bass player James Odum is nicknamed "The Greek” and adds “yet another dimension to the music with a fretless electric bass. He is simply amazing.” says Binford.

A few years ago, Binford and Seglin were driving down Sanford Ave, talking about how they needed a bass player for our band. They saw Odum sitting on his porch, and strumming the bass. Binford liked what he heard, stopped the car, and went up to talk with him.

“I remember he was acting very busy, we did not get to chat much but we exchanged numbers.” Binford remembers.

Binford ended up losing Odum's information but ran into him five months later.

“Eventually, he came to see us at the Dancing Goat, and he loved the band. He has been with us since then,” Binford says.

Odum’s bass paired together with Binford's brilliant guitar styling creates a combination of folk, rock and blues sound, which has become the essence of 13 Scotland Rd. 

Amy Patierno is another local artist collaborating with Binford. She asked to sing with the band earlier this year. They have played a handful of shows together, including one at South Orange Studios in July. 

“I am just trying to sing as much as possible, and working on several projects,” said Patierno. 

Louie Armstrong, Janis Joplis, Ray Charles and Muddy Waters are just some of the artists that inspired Patierno growing up. 

“There are so many more. Jazz, blues, and funk greatly influenced me. I try to sing with soul.” Patierno told us.

Amy grew up in South Orange, and attended the Performing Arts Conservatory of New York for musical theater -- further proof that Binford has a knack for finding and working with extremely well-rounded and talented artists.

When asked about any past or upcoming shows, Binford was mum.

“We have not been doing many local shows lately. I was waiting for a few key elements to come along. Now I have the elements, so I want to capitalize on that and start performing more around town. What’s in the past is in the past. The best is yet to come. The focus is on the future,” Binford says.

13 Scotland Rd is a fantastic collboration of local artists. The sounds are inspirational, sad, happy and heartfelt. Binford and company tell the story of every day life through the passion of their music.

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Interested in booking 13 Scotland Rd? Call Bill Binford at (973) 262-9744 or e-mail at billbinford1@verizon.net


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