The Heat is on at West Caldwell Community Garden

Tomatoes, potatoes and personal touches are growing.

Well, the summer heat has finally arrived! Luckily, the West Caldwell Community Garden is located right next to the . So for those residents who are members of both, they are able to enjoy both the garden and a dip in the pool.

The garden members are not the only ones happy for the heat. With the increased temperatures, the many plants that were started recently have really began to flourish.

Tomatoes are growing quickly and some are beginning to show off their yellow flowers. One of the gardeners is even growing potatoes in raised bed containers and they are looking fantastic. Other vegetable crops include Swiss chard, kale, pole beans, cucumbers, summer squash, broccoli, watermelon, corn, peppers, herbs, cranberry beans and carrots.

Many gardeners are planting flowers in their plots, too. They add color and personality to each garden plot. They also attract beneficial insects to the garden. These insects, such as predatory wasps and honey bees, help pollinate the crops and aid in eliminating any pest insects. Soon the warm yellow and gold of the sunflowers and marigolds, as well as the carnival of colors in the zinnias and snapdragons, will be mixing in with the many vegetables.

One great thing about the garden is that each plot takes on a unique appearance. The plots are each 10-feet by 15-feet and each gardener adds a personal touch to his or her little rectangle of land. There are delightful pinwheels, ingenious wood doors, wrought iron bean trellises, American flags, and handmade wood cucumber trellises.

If you get a chance, stop by and say hello to your neighbors at the garden. There are still a few plots left. If you are interested, call the West Caldwell Municipal Building at 973-226-2300 and ask for more information. The plots are available to residents of West Caldwell. The initial cost is $50; a renewal each following year is $25.

Happy gardening!


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