Poll: Plenty to do Here Right at Home

You can have a great "Staycation" right here in Essex County. What do you like to do?

Sure going on vacation is fun. But it's also expensive and involves a lot of driving, waiting at airports, sand in your clothes and paying for restaurant meals.

Sometimes, it's far more relaxing just taking some time off close to home.

The term "staycation" has become popular in recent years as people take a second look around at fun places to go and fun things to do neaby. It saves gas money, travel time and you can still get home in time to watch the next episode of "Game of Thrones."

Maybe your idea of a great "staycation" is a spa day, followed by a good meal and a night out to hear some music. For families with younger children, a staycation may include a day trip to the zoo or museum, some pizza and a cold beer at your favorite pub.

This week, let us know where you'll be "staycationing" this year. If we've forgotten, make sure to let us know in the "other" category or comments section. Results will be posted on Friday.


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