Caldwell Farmers' Market Keeps Growing

Each week brings more fresh fruits, veggies, meats and entertainment.

It’s that time of year again when the freshest produce is available right in your back yard.

The Caldwell Farmers' Market is back every Friday between noon and 6 p.m. at the Smull Avenue Municipal Parking lot until Oct. 24.

This year’s market promises to get bigger and better every week, with returning old favorites and quality newcomers. From Iona Farms’ famous tomatoes to Jaker’s Pickles or Snoep Winkel Farm’s quality meats, there are a variety of options for anyone seeking fresh goods.

It’s all part of an effort by Project Main Street to give local businesses places to show their wares and local consumers a convenient way to support local farmers.

“We are really focused on downtown, and how we can make downtown better,” said market organizer and Project Main Street President Christy Berg.

There will be live music each week, along with special events from local artists, magicians and even the Caldwell Police Department. That’s in addition to some products only available at the market.

Steve Jaker, of Jaker’s Pickles, makes and sells all his pickled concoctions by himself. Semi-retired, Jaker only does business at farmers markets and festivals.

“If you’re a pickle lover, you’ll probably think these are the best pickles you’ve ever had,” Jaker said.

All of his products are kosher, including the pickled tomatoes, stuffed olives and sauerkraut. This year, he’s unveiled a new spicy pickle, in addition to sweet, sour and his regular spicy pickles.

Iona farms are known for their tomatoes, which will be in season by next week, along with their peaches, nectarines, cherries and greens. Schaefer Farms has a variety of flowers, bedding plants, honeys and produce. Midura Farms are new to the Caldwell market and they have an assortment of organic mushrooms. Snoep Winkel Farms has a variety of hormone, steroid and anti-biotic-free meats; including chicken, lamb, beef, pork and eggs.

Feel free to ask the farmers themselves about what they have for sale this Friday!

Danelectro59 July 06, 2012 at 07:13 PM
I was at the Market earlier this afternoon. There were exactly FOUR vendors. Don't be surprised if this is the last year for this failed experiment.
Christy Berg July 08, 2012 at 03:31 PM
The Market is hardly a failed experiment & has been brought to our community for the past four years by local volunteers (your neighbors) as a community service. It's all funded with money we raise through donations, so there is no cost to the borough or taxpayers. This will not be our last year. I wish you had as much fun yesterday as did the 50 kids who made CFM wall hangings from vegetable based paints thanks to two local volunteer moms (see photos on our facebook page), those who enjoyed the great live music by the local musicians Stevie B. and Mike Kraemer, who volunteered their talent, got free advice from the Essex County Master Gardner volunteers, or those walking around eating their freshly picked sugar plums or pickles on a stick. I appreciated the farmers and volunteers who did bear the heat to come out Friday as I sauteed fresh swiss chard from Iona Hill Farms, gobbled up organic sweet grape tomatoes and peaches from John D. Madura Farms, and enjoyed my naturally raised farm fresh eggs and bacon from Snoep Winkel Farms this morning. I have some amazing King Oyster mushrooms and heirloom lettuce on tap for lunch today, some fresh peach butter and local honey in the cupboard, and a quart of Jaker's Pickles in the fridge that I can't seem to resist. Haven't yet decided what to do with the rest of my bounty, but know I'll enjoy it all. (continued in next post…)
Christy Berg July 08, 2012 at 03:35 PM
(…hi again) It is unfortunate that Schaefer Farm's truck broke down en route, Gourmet Fruit & Nuts was late, & Sprout Farm can't join until later this month, but stuff happens sometimes. As the article states, we'll continue to work to add new quality vendors throughout the season and appreciate any suggestions. I hope you’ll join me in celebrating and supporting the good things about the Caldwell Farmers’ Market and the spirit in which it is intended – as an enjoyable event that brings us all together in our downtown, provides access to fresh, locally grown natural foods, and supports local farmers, vendors, civic organizations, musicians, and businesses. We always welcome new volunteers and suggestions, so if you’d like to help improve the market, please email me at ProjectMainSt@gmail.com
karen delli santi July 09, 2012 at 01:18 AM
Project main street is doing a great job ... Good things come to those that wait so soon enough everyone will be there.... And great job sticking itbout on the two hottest Fridays of the year remember project main street Is volunteers who try and make our town a great place for families to grow up as I said with the buisnesses on the ave if don't shop the farmers market itvwont be there
fred mac July 27, 2012 at 06:11 PM
Overpriced crap! Go to Corrado's for quality and price.


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